Managed Services for Telecom Sector

Operations and maintenance routine actions which keep the network in working order (known as scheduled maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance). The actions include the combination of all technical and corresponding administrative, managerial, and supervision actions. Our managed services include:

Network Operation Center (NOC), Field Operation Management (FM) and Service Network O&M, Routine Maintenance, corrective maintenance & preventive maintenance of BTS, Transmission and Power Systems etc., Communicate with the customers and understanding and handling their problems, Preparing reports on the basis of visiting and investigating the sites.

Quality Assurance

Being an ISO certified organization; our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team provides a product or service in a quality system so that requirements are fulfilled. This includes quality control, which is focused on process outputs, verifications and validation methodology, for example; (V-Model). Also the integration of development, testing, and different techniques, which produce the product or service at the customer's satisfaction, are taken care of during different processes for quality assurance.